S3 website with CloudFront distribution 403 access denied error

Problem I’m using an AWS S3 bucket configured as a static website endpoint as the origin of a CloudFront distribution for this website. I pulled up my website to browse it and I started getting access denied errors as soon as I tried to click any link. My endpoint was specified incorrectly. Solution Open the CloudFront console. Choose your CloudFront distribution, and then choose Distribution Settings. Choose the Origins and Origin Groups tab.

How to use C# interactive

Introduction Sometimes I just want to quickly run or test out a snippet of C# code. Over the years, I’ve done that a few different ways: a project in Visual Studio that I use solely for the purpose of playing with small pieces of code C# interactive PowerShell Today I’m going to talk about using C# Interactive inside Visual Studio or by running csi. Inside Visual Studio with or without a project open, go to View > Other Windows > C# Interactive.

SQL Server AT TIME ZONE error

Problem Being that I work for a global company, I decided we should store our datetimes using the datetimeoffset data type in SQL Server and that we could report in the local timezone or whatever timezone is desired. I send the timezone to a stored procedure as a parameter. Inside the stored procedure I use AT TIME ZONE to convert dates to the desired timezone. I was using TimeZoneInfo.Local.StandardName as the value I sent which worked great in Eastern Standard Time and many other timezones for that matter.

SSRS 2014 Permission Error After Install

Problem After successfully installing SQL Server Reporting Services 2014, a permissions error is received when accessing the Reports site, http://localhost/Reports_SQLEXPRESS. The message states the following: User ‘domain\user’ does not have required permissions. Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and Windows User Account Control (UAC) restrictions have been addressed. The goal is to get to the Site Settings section of the website to add permission. Solution Start Internet Explorer using the Run as administrator option.

Backup compression in TDE enabled databases

Problem I had databases on a SQL Server 2008R2 instance using TDE (Transparent Data Encryption). Even though backup compression was enabled, the backups did not compress. I had googled this problem a few years ago and found that backups don’t compress in 2008R2 when TDE is enabled, and that it should work once I upgraded to SQL Server 2016 or later. Recently, a SQL Server 2017 instance was deployed and I began moving databases for testing.